Hi is there away of adding a image on the calendar when a word is selected within the app, lets say i selected in-progress i want to show on the calendar amber dot a bit like a traffic light and then when selected completed it will show green dot?.

You can use emoji. Create an IF column that returns the correct color emoji based on status. Then use a template column to join the emoji from the IF column to the title of your calendar item. Then display the template column value in your calendar.

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Not sure how to do that can I have example please?.

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Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 6.59.18 PM


Thank you so much.

Hi Darren,

This is very nice.
I have a question.i want to do this only one time only.

Scenario is ,I have a delivery guy who can change the status like the above one but only one time.

How to do…

I can’t get the red dot amber or green dot like yours where it says then.
Please help!.

You can copy and paste these. They are just emoji which is just text, so you can get them from anywhere. I usually use emojipedia.org.


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So, the status can be changed once and once only?
Or is it just the delivery user that can only change it once?
Is there just a single delivery user, or are there more than one?

Only one delivery user and he should only change once.

If possible the owner can allow to change.

Lots of ways you could do this.
One approach might be to create a user specific boolean column, and when your delivery user changes the status, set that column to true.
And then only allow your delivery user to change the status if that column is not true.

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This what I did copied it and the dots don’t show up on my app?.

Is your calendar using the new template column you created, or is it still using the old column?

What I did was create in the glide app creator

Right, but you have to change the calendar list to use that new column. Did you do that?

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