Event on the calendar by colour

I wish to mark some events by colour on my calendar.

In the same way that I can change the colour of event on Google calendar.

Can I do it in glide?

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I think the easiest would be to use emoji. An IF column can look at a specific column value and return a specific emoji, such as :red_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle::red_square::green_square::blue_square:. Then you can append that to the beginning of the event title using a template column. Then display that template in your calendar.


Hi Jeff, will this show the emoji + the default Glide colour?

Emoji’s are characters, so they will display just like any other letters in a word. It would be separate from any other default glide colors.

yeah I imagined, so it would create a lot of confusion having both colors. Strange that glide does let us use custom colors in the calendar

In classic Apps, you can use CSS:

Do you mean Glide does not let us do so?

Yes or am I wrong?

Ah, because you wrote “Glide does let us”. I had to check if I miss something :sweat_smile:

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Sorry, it was a typo!

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No worries man, have a great weekend yourself.