Calendar-like application

I need to create a calendar-like application where I can add different timetables and take out timetables on users’ command, I have added the Hindu Calendar, Christian Calendar, Australian Holidays and more. The user needs to choose somehow which calendars to add to the main schedule where they could add their dates but they can choose if it is a birthday or something else that shows up in the description of te event.
If anyone could give me a tip or a video or anything to help out with my quest, it would be greatly appreciated, also I am new to GLIDE.
I just figured that you can not change the color but are there any

So something like Google Calendar? When you say “add to the main schedule” do you mean you add the “template” calendars and can add new events as needed?

I am not aware of any methods.

Hi @ThinhDinh I’m not on a plan so I do not have access to Google Calenders

You can only achieve this with a paid plan.

I didn’t mean that you must use the Google Cal integration, I mean does it function like what we have with Google Cal, where you have multiple “calendars” and can add them to your main view?