🗓️ Glide Pages Calendar Collection Component!


A full-width, monthly/weekly/daily calendar layout that displays your spreadsheet data beautifully and responsively!

Pardon the low-quality audio — I didn’t have access to my recording equipment for the making of this video.


Is there a way to color code them by css?

Looks like a no to me. I don’t see a specific class name for each “group”.

Actually, you kinda can by targeting the style. Note: the style changes every time you change the app’s primary color.

Ah that’s a great point. That style part is static and unique.

Is the “cross-day” event (say Kami Whitner) a native setup from you or is it created by the CSS?

Not CSS. If the start date and end date span multiple days, Glide creates that visual in the calendar!


Neat. Thanks for the info.

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Rob is there a way to customise the add event function. I have a list of services that I would love to be selectable in the Add event form.

I wish! Same is true for Kanban component—there’s isn’t a way yet. Instead, you might want to create add a “Show Form Screen” action as the Title Bar Action for the calendar:


Ahhh that just might work.

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Hello everyone,
So if I understand well it’s not possible to have this type of calendar in Glide App ?
I want to have this month view and all the options.

Many thanks

Yes, it’s not possible. Glide has stated they will focus on Glide Pages moving forward, so I don’t think this will come to Apps at all.