Customize Calendar


Has anyone figured out how or if it can be done, customize the in-app calendar where events can have different colors based on category? Right now they are all the same color as the theme.

For now that option is not available in Glide but maybe you can get that with CSS.

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I think it was @Jeff_Hager that did a pretty spectacular calendar, correct me if I’m wrong @Jeff_Hager


Yes but not a calendar view and i don’t know if he puts some events in differents colors. Morover he adds CSS i think.

Would also like to stick with the calendar compoenent if possible. I set up alot of formulas and columns in the back end, so wouldnt want to do those all over again or alter it to a different layout or component.

I’m thinking of having column that you can add a category name to, and the event color representative of that.

This is one by @Darren_Murphy


Im thinking of something in this format, but different colors for different categories.


Can’t change the color of the events with CSS as any sort of category you define isn’t recognized within the HTML/Styling


ok thanks. Maybe I will try emojis and create a legend.

Were you able to get the calendar to display different colors?

No :frowning:

Did you implement an alternative, such as using emojis?

Yes, each name match matched to a specific emoji and I displayed that. I don’t have it set up anymore so can’t show any screen shots.

It sure would be nice to be able to change the color of events in the calendar. Any progress on this?

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I saw the demo on booking app. It’s possible to set specific color to an event. Can you help me about it please ?