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Hi I’ve created an App for an event. In the menu option I have each day listed. I want people to be able to see where we are up to (as in the section). I will then tap each check box as the sections are completed. I then realised that anyone could actually tick the boxes!
My question is, can I have it so only I have the ability to tap the check boxes?
Thank you…

If it’s just you, set the component visibility to only show for your email.

Part attention to the 4th method in the video in the thread below:

Hi Jeff

Thanks for your reply, however I need people to see the check in the box so they know that section is complete.

Would people see the check?

You can’t show a checkbox without people being able to click on it. In your case, I would create an image or rich text box (with the word ‘Completed’) and set the visibility to only show when you are not the signed in user AND the checkbox column value for the checkbox is TRUE. Or you can just show the column value (true/false) with the visibility set to not signed in user.

Ok, I actually had an image of a tick previously to represent the section had completed, then decided to play with the check box. I’ll have a play with your last suggestion but looks complicated LOL.

Thanks again, Jeanette

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