Cel changes to "true"

My app’s URL: welcometouwcm.glideapp.io
I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m just doing it wrong.
I created a tab in my app, that has check-box components. When I open the app itself and try to click one of the checkboxes, the checkboxes disappear and the the name of the tab (that is linked to a cell in the sheet) changes to true.
Please see on the following print screens what happens.

And also the cel in the sheet changes to “true”.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much,

Without seeing more information it’s hard to tell.

Can you do a few screenshots in the Glide builded for these screens showing the components linked to those tiles on the first screenshot and the checkboxes on the second?

Hi George,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Please see here the screenshots. I hope you can read/see them clearly.
If you need anything else, please let me know.

Thank you very much! Nadine

Your app is password protected and I’m either not seeing the password mentioned in your comments or it’s not there. Also you should reply to my post or mention my name using the @ sign otherwise there will be no notification that you responded. I just happened upon your reply. I have too many posts and can’t keep track of them myself and rely on the forum features to do it for me.

Hi @George_B,
So sorry! Password’s gone!
Thank you very much for your help.

@Nadine_Lemmens I see the behavior and most definitely you have something wrong but I have no idea what. The only way I could figure it out would be for you to make the app copyable so I could take a look at everything.

@Nadine_Lemmens It would also help if you were to describe what the intent of the app is. I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish and what your expectations are for what data you are going to collect. I suspect that your spreadsheet layout is going to need some work.

Hi @George_B,
Good to know that it isn’t me.
I made the app available for copy!

The intent of the app is to provide our new students (I work for an school) information before they arrive at our school. We provide all students with an extensive information booklet, but via this app I would like to make the most important/most relevant information accessible.
So as soon as new students know they are accepted to our school, I would like to send the link to the app to them. So they can download it and check it from time to time (instead of searching for the information booklet and going over the whole document in order to find a specific part).
Hope this makes sense… Please let me know if you have other questions or I you’d like me to do something…
Kind regards, Nadine

It looks like you have several checkboxes updating the Element column??? They should each have and point to their own column. Also, since you were using password, there is no per user data, so if one person clicks the checkmark, it will be clicked for all users of the app.

@Nadine_Lemmens The copy does not work, I’m getting an “Oh Sheet” error which usually indicates that the spreadsheet has issues. And yes as @Jeff_Hager said it appears that you have most all the checkboxes pointing to the same column in the sheet. I think you need to back up and look at a few of the example templates to get a feel for how things work in Glide.

I believe what you want to do is pretty straight forward in Glide but you have to start with the Spreadsheet and get that structure correct before even opening Glide. For what you want Glide is just going to be a presentation of the data that is in the spreadsheet. I don’t see a need for any checkboxes. Those are designed to alter true/false columns in your sheet. If student A where to check a box and at the same time student B were to check a box, both students would see those boxes checked. Add student C who un-checks a box and you have a mess in the data.

@George_B and @Jeff_Hager,
Thank you very much for you reply!
The problem was indeed that I was pointing to the same column. It works now!

But just to be sure… If I don’t have a password, will users see from eachother whether the boxes are checked or not?
Kind regards, Nadine

Password or not all users will see the checks and un-checks of all other users. If that is your goal to have each user have their own view of boxes they check, then you need to have email login of the app, and you need to have to set up the sheet to have a row for each logged in user with a column for every one of the checkboxes.

Thank you very much!!

Your welcome. I think in your case a Pro app so you can use the Whitelist style of login would be best. Because you are only going to be sending the app link to students that you have admitted to your school, you would pre-populate their emails and set it up to filter on the email of the logged in user. Unless you add a row with a specific email someone not on the list would not be able to access that row dedicated to that person.

Thank you. So it wouldn’t be possible then to use checkboxes for individuals, without having to log in with their emailaddress?
Because it’s quite a big group of students we will be sending this to and I want to make it as accessible for them as possible, so preferably no login at all…
(and I’m also a bit afraid of having to manually add emailaddress to the sheet all the time…)

Not possible. Think about it, how would Glide know who is “looking” or modifying the data if it does not require the login. A login via an email/pin is very common now a days so your students shouldn’t have a problem.

Your school must have some kind of electronic admissions info I would think. Can’t you just copy and paste from that system. Where are you getting their emails from in order to communicate via email with them?