Checkbox and buttons not working

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Hi everybody,
I have the following issue…checkbox is not working if there is a button on the screen…
I can check and uncheck the checkboxes, but the google sheet get not updated and if you close and reopen the app, flag is disappeared.
If I remove the button item, checkboxes go back woring correctly…

I do not understand the problem.

The app shared is an app where I have replicated the issue, not the one I need. you can check and uncheck as you want, in places tab, going to the details.

What I am missing?

Thanks to everybody for your attention,


Can you make your app copy able?


I am chatting with George. it seems the the issue is related to a specific action in the button (set columns)

Now I tried to change to defalut action (open link) and it works…

But I needed the set columns action :sweat_smile:

Interesting. I was able to duplicate the issue when I copied the app, but then I set a random visibility condition to make the button hide and the checkboxes updated in the sheet. Then I removed the visibility condition on the button so it would show again and the checkboxes still worked. Unless, they already fixed something, that would be something to try.

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Hi jeff,

I would need both visible, otherwise I would have not put them :slight_smile:

I tried to make a video

You can see working with open link, and not working with set columns…in case it may help


ah no…You told me that make it invisible and then back visible solve the issue?!

That sounds weird, but if it work…

I will try and check, but in any case I think it’s something to be fixed by glide if possible

anyway, Thank you!

EDIT: tried your solution but from the web(not from background does not work in my case…If button is present, checkboxes not working…

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Yes, it seemed to snap it out of the bug when I changed the button visibility and changed it back. Agree it’s still a bug, but if it works it might be something to tell glide about to help them diagnose. I only tried within the editor, so I’m not sure if it would work with the published link or not.

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Yes Jeff, from outside the editor, issue still present…it’s a pity.

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Worth a shot.

Dear All,
Dear Jeff,

Yesterday the support told me that the engineers have found the cause of the issue and that hope to fix it in with next tuesday release.

In case I have any other news, I will report here.



Dear All,

I have a new problem with the same app, I write it here so you can have the link of the app at the top.

From mobile, not from pc, in the event tab if I scroll to an item, go to details and check the “booked” checkbox, and go back, the “event” tab goes back to the top of the list, and does not stay where I was before clicking to the details page.

If I do this from my computer, in mobile view, the problem is not there…Only from smartphones.

Any Ideas about how to solve this?

Thanks to everybody,

Does the same for me on Android (Chrome) and resets to the top of the list after selecting or unselecting ‘Booked’ on one of the items.

The interesting thing is that when I switch my browser to Desktop view, then it works correctly and I can select ‘Booked’, tap on the back button, and the position of the list is still where I left it before I went into the item details.

To me, that rules out any issue with my browser. Seems like there is something different between the desktop and mobile versions of the app.

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Dear Jeff,

I have the same exact behaviuor… and if I have a 200 row list it gets you crazy to always be back to the top of the list…

Anyone having any suggestion?

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Hi @Jeff_Hager,
Hi everybody,

this is the reply I had from support

Hi Fabio,
Engineering has logged the issue and will be working on a fix. Thanks for reporting it.

I hope to have news soon…

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@George_B @david

May I know if there is anybody taking care of my issue? I have been waiting for round 2 months but nothing seems to be solved about the problem I had and still have…

May I have any update?


@George_B @david @JackVaughan

Is there any news about this topic? it’s not being fixed since November…


@fabio, please start a new thread if you have a different issue. The title here is ‘Checkbox and buttons not working’ — I saw above that this was fixed?

Dear @david

I had kept the same as it was again related to checkboxes and the app was the same. I received a notification from @George_B in November that the problem was noted and put in the list of the engineers…but if after 3 months you tell me that from your side the thread was solved this leave me less confident that this is going to be fixed soon. Can you double check and confirm if your are working on it or if I have to open a new thread to get it fixed (hopefully in less than 3 months)