Visibility not working. Delete records not working. App is unusable

Huge bug that renders my app unusable for 500+ users. Users are able to submit forms more than once because the button visibility condition isn’t working. Everything is set correctly on my end. When I go to delete the second and third and fourth user submissions, they end up right back into the app again. Please address ASAP.

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Hey @Robert_Petitto,

Is this happening with one specific app or have you noticed it happens with another one?

Just this one.

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I don’t know if this might be related but yesterday, I noticed that creating columns in the Editor was a pain. I thought it had something to do with my internet connection so I didn’t heed it. It certainly is frustrating though.

@Jason I think it has to do something with concurrent users. I had 400+ users in the app all submitting multiple forms at the same time. I also went through and deleted old records to lighten the app a bit.

@Robert_Petitto When you delete the row via the app, does it stay in the spreadsheet?

I don’t think so. I also didn’t have “Sync while using the app” turned on. I just enabled it. Perhaps that will alleviate some of the issues…but even still, the visibility of the button should be immediate.

The sync setting has no bearing on this.

Can you explain the visibility condition, please?

Date+currentUserEmail template relating to the form submission sheet > Date+Email of user that submitted the form. If relation is empty, show button. If relation is empty, show “Unsubmitted” tag in card view.

Students, after completing the form, still saw unsubmitted…still had access to button. This doesn’t seem to happen when I test during an “off time”. During peak times (eg. 8:30-8:40 am), where all students are submitting their forms for the week, the visibility wasn’t working consistently. Even stranger, many students today reported that the visibility worked at first, but then wouldn’t a few seconds later (the lunch submissions APPEARED to unsubmit—really the visibility conditions weren’t working and thus the student submitted several times).

My guess is that the relation is what’s breaking, not the visibility condition. Could you add an Inline List or List Relation next to the button that shows whether the relation is working correctly?

Regard the item deletion issue: Could you please check whether deleting an item from the app deletes the row in the spreadsheet?

Just to chime in on weird issues I’ve seen in the past. I use to have problems with sheet calculations that ran for several minutes and if there was rapid form submissions and new data was queued up to come in from glide, it would wait until the calculations in the sheet were done first. Occasionally the queued up data coming from glide would get lost if a resync/reload happened between glide and the sheet. Cleaning most of my formulas and moving most to glide took care of that issue. I know you do most of your stuff inside glide, so it’s probably not the same issue, but I figured it might give you some ideas to narrow down the issue.

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Will do…I’ll be in touch.

EDIT: Yes, row gets deleted from Sheet. Relation component displays relation. It worked instantly when I tried it just now. However, it’s at peak times (8:30-8:45) that I notice the visibility issues. Unfortunately, I can’t replicate because the majority of the 500+ students already submitted their lunches for next week. I’ll have to retest next Thursday.
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