Lock field after edit

Is there a way to lock a field after the user has entered data? Example, User B needs to check a box to agree with User A. While I want User A to see that the box is checked or unchecked, I do not want User A to be able to edit the box. Any advice is appreciated.

Hola @gp9293,

You could show either a text component or a table to User A with the info of the checkbox.

Understand and appreciate your answer, I think it works. How about if I only want to show the checkbox to User B and then all User A will ever see is the text field you recommend with true/false in it. Thank you.

Yes, that would work.
Remember to use visibility conditions so you show user B and A what they need to see.

Getting stuck on the visibility conditions, which I understand. Ideally, the check box would be visible only when User B is the logged in user, but that option is not available. Trying to think about how else this can be accomplished.

What makes user A and user B different in your setup? What determines when one user has authority to change a value and the other user to only view the value?

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User A dictates the deal terms. the User B can Accept the terms or Reject the terms. So, it’s ok for User A to see the status of the Accept/Reject, but User A cannot edit such. Only User B can “check the box.”

What @Jeff_Hager is asking is how Glide knows who is User A and/or B. Do you have an extra column that specifies who is who?

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Yes. A and B are separate columns in the row.

Do you have a screenshot?

Not yet. But its one line essentially: Accept Bet [checkbox] and it should only be visible if the logged in user matches User B in the transaction row. If the logged in user is User A, checkbox not visible, but status of checkbox is (you gave me the way to do this earlier).

I see.

The thing is you need to set up your profile tab in a way you have identifiers for your users. It could be a Role column in which you have User A as Contractor and User B as Something else. Then on your tab where you are creating the switch and the text you can set the visibility condition where Role>Contractor and Then the other component where Role>Something else.

Profiles table has all Users in it. When a User proposes a deal, that User becomes User A in the transaction row and the User to which the deal is proposed is User B.

How does that flow go?

How do you achieve it?

User logs in and proposes a deal (he becomes User A in the transaction row) to one of the Users he is following (he becomes User B in the transaction row). User B needs to Accept or Reject the proposed deal.

Can you show what kinds of problems you are having with your visibility? I would think it would be as easy as setting a visibility of User B ‘is signed in user’.

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That did the trick. I was using User B’s screen name, rather than its email. Thank you guys for the effort. Solved.