Creating a status function

Hi all,
I’m quite new to the Glide app but really enjoying its features. I would like to be able to add a “status” feature to my app, allowing user to say “I’m busy”, “I’m available” etc., and changing status whenever he/she feels like it.
I’ve really tried to find by myself how to do it, but unsuccessfully so far…would anyone have an idea?
Thanks a lot!

Why don’t you use a choice component on the users profile so when they want to change it they edit their profiles

I agree with the choice component as mentioned above. If it was just 2 options the switch feature could work, too.

Choice component
Switch component

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Thanks for your replies guys,
The thing with the choice component is that it does the job in terms of “aesthetics”, but it does not translate into real data: it does not create a “status” column in the data tab, for each user. So in the end the user can make this choice on his / her profile tab, but it is not possible to make it appear for others, as it is not actual data from the data tab. Eg, when I set up the general tab with all users, it is not possible to add as a component each user’s status, as it is no data.

Set the choice to write to your status column
If choice is not good enough what of a checkbox

Yeeeaaah I did not see I could to that! Thanks mate :slight_smile:

What about using 2 components with differing visibility?

For the user:

  • Choice component to select status using status column
    — Visibility set to “Show if current user is signed in user”

For the viewer (not the user’s profiler)

  • Text component using status selection column
    — Visibility set to “Show if current user is NOT signed in user”

Again I haven’t tested it but that’s my thought process.

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Kevin’s method is right. If you want to display more than just a boolean value you can have:

  • One column to store the “status” and the user can change that using a switch/checkbox. It’s only available for them to choose.

  • One If > Then > Else column to derive the text you want to show. As in status = TRUE => I’m available and vice versa. Then display that ITE column to the other users.

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I agree with you @ThinhDinh
But don’t you think a choice component will be easier

Whatever works for him, there are multiple answers to this question.

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