Multiple switch

Is it possible in Glide to “build” a component with multiple switch/values?
I want to make an attendance app; I already have a Glide-table with the different dates in the first column and then a column for each volunteer in our group (± 15 persons).
It’s easy to make those columns boolean, with values= false or true, but I would like to have 3 states (0,1,2) AND (now comes my question…) have them displayed with the name on the left and the 3 options next to it (like a switch button, but with 3 options : NO, location1, location2).
So each volunteer then chooses one of the 3 options.

Something like


NAME_1 [ - ] [ Loc_1 ] [ Loc_2 ]
NAME_2 [ - ] [ Loc_1 ] [ Loc_2 ]
NAME_3 [ - ] [ Loc_1 ] [ Loc_2 ]

Is there a possibility ?
And if so, I then need to calculate how many names have choosen each of the 3 options.


I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but maybe you can use a choice component, show these values:

But write 0, 1, 2 to your backend instead?

Just have a table where you store the “front end” names in one column, and the actual values in another column.


“Actual values” => Values
“Front end name” => Display as

I’m thinking of something like this (fake !) image

If each user gets to choose their own, is it actually necessary to present them all on a single screen?
Wouldn’t that mean that users could make selections for other users? Is that what you want?

I’d be inclined to make this a single column in the User Profile table, and then query/rollup that column (as long as you don’t have row owners in your user profiles).

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Hi Darren,
it’s just a small group of volunteers and no problem that each user “can” make a selection for others (they won’t do it).
The problem is that I cannot get the names (text component) AND the choice-component on one row, as it is done with the switch-component.

So you’re on a Classic App? I think what you described would be possible with a container in the new Glide Apps.