Multiple selections - Attendance record - a selection of students in one entry

Hi :slight_smile: I am new to Glide and not very technical compared to some of you in this supportive group. I just simply want to create my attendance app to be able to do multiple student election in the one entry…
Is this possible?

This is the data I am trying to populate:

Student A - I want to be able to select multiple students
Class - Use Choice
Attendance - Use Switch for yes
How was contact made - Use Choice
Escalated to - Use Switch for yes

How do you expect it to look like? Do you want a “Select all” function?

Thakyou so much for your reply :slight_smile:
No I want to be able to select out a list of students, only those that are attending.

I don’t think this is an easy task at all. At the moment you can’t have multiple selections for choice components, you can only “select” multiple rows through an inline checklist, but that boolean won’t get reset once you submit a form, and you have to derive a way to get all “chosen” students into a column.

What do you expect your “Student A” column to look like? If I choose Student A, B, C, D then it will populate the column as “Student A, Student B, Student C, Student D”?

hmm… I think what @Robert_Petitto is doing here looks a lot like what is required?
Not sure if he’ll be releasing that as a template or not…


I’m about to submit it today in fact! Stay tuned!


So I first labelled just as “student” but then was experimenting whether several comments student a, student b etc made a difference, which it did not.

Oh please let me know when you do! I was unable to access the link. You are clearly one smart cookie and really appreciate you sharing your talent.

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Happy Cake Day! Thank you for all your contributions.


Teaser Trailer—


I’m not sure if this will help, but maybe it will provide some inspiration.