Multiple choice in form

Hello to everyone!
I work on one app for students. I wonder how students can choose multiple offered answers within a ONE form? I’m interested is there a possibility of multiple choice with the “choice command”?

@linnhtetwin has already asked such a question, but I don’t see he getting an answer: Multiple Choice in Glide Form

You can check out the examples here. A user can select multiple items and it builds a Joined List from those selections. This would need to happen outside of a form as it needs to update column values as they are selected, but this could allow you to write that joined list any other details with a button and an Add Row action.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager for the reply. But it is difficult for me to understand and explain what I want because English is not my mother tongue. I also think that we don’t talk about the same thing. In my app, some kind of Glossary, students using the form to put new terms in the glossary and give their explanations. Every term falls into one kind of category, but some terms can be in more categories. So, students need to select every category in which the term belongs, but now, they can only select just one category with the choice command. Their responses are automatically recorded in the application. I can share the app with you to see what it’s all about if you don’t understand what I want: blush:

it’s about this app: I made a copy so you can see and change my spreadsheet. please do not share with others because it contains the real names of my students! :woozy_face:

Checkout my Daily Quiz template…I do multiple choice.

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Ok. I will!!! Thank you!!!

Update: I studied your app Daily Quiz and for now, I don’t see any similarities with my case :frowning:
It’s late, I’ll study better tomorrow

thanks anyway, @Robert_Petitto

Oh…by Multiple Choice, you mean multiple select? Yeah, Glide doesn’t have that functionality yet.

I think I understand. My example is one way to select multiple categories, the write the joined list of selected categories to the sheet. Your joined list could have a comma as a delimiter between categories. This then allows you to use a Split Text column to split that joined list into an array that you can use for a relation between the categories sheet and the glossary sheet.

A simpler version of the same thing would be to just have a text entry component where the student could type in each category, separated by a comma. Then you use the Split Text column to split the entries in the text column into an array that you could also use for a relation between the Categories and Glossary.


thank you! And sorry what I just see msg and replay! :see_no_evil: