Multiple selection

Guys, Ive got these categories that the customer can select from, and then it goes to a form that he can submit (when choosing).
What is the proper way to make a customer to be able to select multiple categories, and then proceed to the form that I want?
Thank you very much.

These are a couple of methods I would consider for something like this.


Mr Jeff, I would like to ask, is this different for each user? Because I want each user to select its own (trues) and then proceed to order, send me that and then reset.

Depends on how you have it set up, but yes, if you use user specific columns where needed, it will be a unique experience for each user.

I’ve got my multiple selection, Thanks to mr. Jeff, but now Im struggling on how to send that information, I mean which columns did the user mark as Green, as in my form Im taking information from the Users sheet, and the information about the green ones etc, are in the Menu sheet.

If someone can help me with this problem via call or private chat, I would appreciate that!
Thank you very much!

If you look at my example you will see that I create a Joined List of everything that was selected. You would do something similar. My example uses two spaces and a carriage return as the separator for the joined list, so each joined items shows on a new line. You could just use a comma , or a pipe | to separate each list item. Then you you should be able to access that joined list as a column value in your form.

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Dear mr. Jeff, Is there a way that we can speak in private chat for 10 minutes so I can Solve it? Because I’ve been trying for much time and couldnt do it. Thank you very much !

Where are you stuck? Do you have a Joined List column with all the selected items yet, or are you still working on that?

If I’m not mistaken my laundry collection app has a similar set up. There the customer taps on items which find themselves on an orders sheet with a default qty value of 1. There they add/minus, pay and go. But here @Marios_Vasiliou if I have understood him correctly wants to send all items selected to a form in one single swoop.

Using your method, he could do precisely that but would he still not need to send all the other details of the items like price, quantity, etc to the form, which I suppose he could do by adding screen items to the form. But at what stage is the calculation taking place. Ultimately, would he not need another tab (cart/orders), unless the total was also being calculated at the same time as the multiple item selection? But difficult to see how it could be being calculated without qty selection unless that was taking place before the customer came to make the multiple selection.

If the idea is to send all selected items to a form and then via that form to another tab, where the calculation will be carried out, I can see this working. Otherwise, qty causes a problem unless qty is not required. If not required, this works well.

I hope I’ve not misread what @Marios_Vasiliou is trying to do here.


Mr wiz, Is there a way that I contact you? I only want to ask you something private. Thanks

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Yes sure Mr @Marios_Vasiliou. My email add is If you visit my app You will find a number of contact options. We can now live video chat too.

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