Multiple Choice selections

Hi, I’m using the choice button for my app for a project management list, and when i want to add an assignment, i’d like to be able to choose multiple assignments at once (vs doing it 10 times). Problem is, once i select the 10, all the values get written in the same row instead of creating a new row for each item selected.

Can glide support this function? if so, how?

Otherwise, i would need to default to list all assignments and let individual users edit their own (edit, delete, add) - all this would be user specific based on their user ID


So multiple assignments should be added as different rows, and you will differ them by the assignment name? What other pieces of info should be added to each of those rows?

It can be done using a custom form and an API call, if you’re on Pro+ (old pricing) or Team/Business/Enterprise (new pricing).

thanks, not on there yet, but plan to be once i can get this set up. Would I be able to have it default to all assignments per task w/the individual user able to edit/delete/add vs letting them choose which ones to add 1 at a time?

I’m having difficulty with that and getting the form to write in the correct spot for ID types and relations to add assignments. I have the projects ok, but when i go into each project and then add assignments is where i get into issue. For example, when i click submit i get the project name instead of hte project ID and my relations connect to the ID so nothing takes.

As @ThinhDinh mentioned, the only way to do this currently would be to use a webhook or call API action to a service like Make that would iterate over the list of assignments and then add them as separate rows using the Glide API.

However, Glide is planning some major enhancements to the action editor some time this year that will should allow you to do this same functionality natively. Might not be til Q2 though.