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Hi, I’m using the choice button for my app for a project management list, and when i want to add an assignment, i’d like to be able to choose multiple assignments at once (vs doing it 10 times). Problem is, once i select the 10, all the values get written in the same row instead of creating a new row for each item selected.

Can glide support this function? if so, how?

Otherwise, i would need to default to list all assignments and let individual users edit their own (edit, delete, add) - all this would be user specific based on their user ID


So multiple assignments should be added as different rows, and you will differ them by the assignment name? What other pieces of info should be added to each of those rows?

It can be done using a custom form and an API call, if you’re on Pro+ (old pricing) or Team/Business/Enterprise (new pricing).

thanks, not on there yet, but plan to be once i can get this set up. Would I be able to have it default to all assignments per task w/the individual user able to edit/delete/add vs letting them choose which ones to add 1 at a time?

I’m having difficulty with that and getting the form to write in the correct spot for ID types and relations to add assignments. I have the projects ok, but when i go into each project and then add assignments is where i get into issue. For example, when i click submit i get the project name instead of hte project ID and my relations connect to the ID so nothing takes.

As @ThinhDinh mentioned, the only way to do this currently would be to use a webhook or call API action to a service like Make that would iterate over the list of assignments and then add them as separate rows using the Glide API.

However, Glide is planning some major enhancements to the action editor some time this year that will should allow you to do this same functionality natively. Might not be til Q2 though.


Hello there, I might have missed something but in my screen, it is not possible to select different item through the choice component (I tried to check “match multiple” for the associated column, but it makes the choice component disappear from the form, so I assume this is not the way to do this).
My question is : is it possible to set a multi selection choice component from a relation column ?
Thank you !

You are trying to write your choices to a relation? Can I ask why? Do you use Airtable?

Yes, it’s to have a dynamic list that evolves when I add items to the “parent table”, and no I’m only using Glide tables

To be honest, I’ve never fully understood why people attempt to write choices to a relation, being that it’s a computed column and not something that holds a value. I normally write choices to a normal column, split it into an array if I’m using multi-select, and then build any relative relations from there. I never write directly to a relation. There are special cases for Airtable users due to the way airtable’s linked records work, but I have never seen a case for that outside of Airtable.

I think if you write your choices to a normal column, then everything will work a lot better.

I saw it in a help video. And it worked to fill in all the fields.
I use it to create a user table that fills in all the data for single row add

When I try to add multiple rows to a normal field, none of the fields get filled out so I’m probably missing something but don’t know what.

But you are not using Airtable, or are you?

Correct. Google sheets and glide tables only. No airtable

Can you show me in a video or some screenshots how that write to relation thing works with Glide Tables? Or link to the video you mentioned?

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I understand, but how do you do in this situation :
I have form related to table 1 (table 1 contains a relation to table 2), in this form you have a choice component to choose items from table 2. How do you do to have an updated choice component (if ever I add a row in table 2) ?
It’s a bit tricky to explain …

In other words, how do you do to make a choice component with items that are rows in another table ?

If I have a form that writes to table 1 and my choices are in table 2, I still set the choice component to write to a regular basic column in table 1, but then I choose table 2 as the source of my choice list.

If I still need a relation in table 1 for other things, that’s fine but I don’t use the relation when configuring my choice component.

I just have trouble understanding why people write to a relation. A relation is just a link to rows in another table. Where is it actually writing the value though when you do that. That’s what I struggle to understand. I suppose I could just try it out myself, but it’s never made any logical sense to me to write to a relation, so I’ve never done it. I want to write to a basic column because I want to choose exactly where those choices are written, which would be a specific column in the row of the table that I am adding or editing. To me, if I have a column to write my choices to, why would I use a roundabout way to get it there instead of directly. Plus it opens up the option of choosing the source table for the choices instead of relying on a relation.

The option to write to a relation was opened up for Airtable users because airtable handles relations (linked records) much differently than Glide does, so I’ve never understood a use case outside of Airtable.

I’m open to being enlightened if there is a hidden feature or advantage that I’m missing.


thanks, i’ve been trying to switch it to this way. I started writing to relations based on some training videos i watched. Although now, some of the tasks write correctly and then reset and data reverts. So it goes form being completed to needs attention. It’s very odd

it literally works correctly, and then after a few seconds or a minute, the fields i had populated delete and it’s missing.

i have my submit button action to “set column, this row” and “completed on date is current time”
when i submit my “completed” button, it takes and then resets all the IDs i had nullifying the relations and making things not flow correctly. I have no idea why it’s doing this and why it’s only on some items not even all items.

So in summary:
When I add the task, everything populates correctly into the fields I have designated. However, when I then go to and press my completed button, it completes, and then (for about half my tasks) my ID fields then get deleted and nothing flows despite the only custom action is as i wrote above.

Can you record a video using Loom of your behaviour and explain how it should work in your ideal world?

Also, can you link us to your “training videos” so we can see how it would work with a choice component writing to a relation?

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Thank you very much Jeff ! Understood a lot of things hahaha

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