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I have a multiple select columm inside my airtable, which i would like to control using the choice component. But choice component only works with single select columms.

Is there a workaround for this?

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May we know how does that column show up in your database? Is it an array?

I don’t know how Glide and Airtable integrate together, but are you unable to select the column to write to in a choice component, or are you unable to select the multi-select option on a choice component?

Unable to write to the columm when it’s selected as a multi-select :slight_smile:

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Please submit a ticket to see if the support team can help clarifying this.

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I know this is from a while ago but I found a solution for this. You can use a choice component that allows multiple selection writing to a text column in Glide (results in a comma separated value). In Airtable you can create a simple automation that takes the results of the text column and writes the result to your multi select field. The result works exactly as expected inside of Airtable in that multi select field.

Hope that helps.


That almost got me there but not quite. Good to know about the Choice component.

What didn’t work for you with that? Maybe there is something else we can add to help you out.

Hi @DarrenHumphries, I am creating an App from Airtable for the first time and I am still not understanding how row id column of Glide works in airtable.

The context is, generally when we work on Glide App (with its own Data Editor), we tend to use Row IDs and we use Row IDs in relation column to connect other tables. So that when we change data in primary column, it does not affect in other tables.

I want do exactly same in Airtable but I am not able to understand how it works. Can you please guide? Thank you

I don’t really do much in Airtable, so there are likely much better people to answer this than me. I do the same thing as you when working using Glide tables but I haven’t tried out how this would work with Airtable.

While you can get the Row ID to show in Airtable it won’t populate if a record is created in AT. So, you will have to use AT’s native way to create relations and maybe in your Glide app don’t allow editing of the field’s with that content.

Anyone else have suggestions?

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