Airtable and multiple selects

In Airtable I have a multiple select column.
It is impossible to display the content of this column in any component.
Is it a Glide limitation ?
Is there a workaround ?

Does it return an array column in Glide? I assume you can use a joined list column to convert the array to a delimited string.

Let’s say you can return “Humanities, Environment, Health” from the first row. Is that what you want?

Thanks for the suggestion!
I’m not actually try to create a joined list column, I just would like to access to my Domain column in read or write mode. But I simply can’t display and/or update the data from that type of columns in Glide.

Actually Glide does not allow to select the Domain column in any collection components : the Domain column simply does not appear at all (while other columns of Airtable appear).

I can’t select the Domain airtable column to display it in Glide, because Glide simply does not recognize that kind of field and does not know how to handle it, it seems.

I have the same problem with the forms.

If I try to create a form to add/modify data in Airtable, the Domain field, again, is not selectable. I can create form fields in Glide for all the other fields of my Airtable (texts, single selects, checkboxes…), except for the Domain field which is a multiple select column in Airtable.

@Robert_Petitto can you confirm that this type of column is read as an array column in Glide? Sorry, I don’t have an Airtable account to test.

If you mean the collection types in Pages then yeah, you can’t do it since it requires a setup of multiple rows to read from, not an array in a single cell.

You can’t also display it as text, if you want to do so, you have to use a joined list column as I mentiojned in my previous comment.

The fact that it’s not being able to be written to seems to suggest to me that it’s an array column in Glide.

Hello @ThinhDinh and @parisiam…I am also dealing with the same issue with Airtable and Glide. Single select field types seem to work with the integration. But I’ve run into the same issue with multiple select field types where you can select multiple options. Multiple select field types allow you to select predetermined options from a list. Unlike a single select field, however, you can select as many options as you’d like per cell. Here is info from Airtable about multiple select field types:

The Glideapp and Airtable integration would be greatly improved if multiple select field columns could appear in the Glide app. Multiple select fields are definitely one benefit of using Airtable. If this feature doesn’t work well with Glideapp, then the Glide app functionality is reduced.

Can you give me a screenshot of how the column looks in Glide? What do you plan to use that column for?

Hi @ThinhDinh…The column doesn’t show up in Glide, so there is nothing to take a screenshot of. I would like Glide to pull the multiple select information from Airtable to categorize types of courses. Some are digital marketing only, some are digital marketing and customer success, some are IT, digital marketing, and customer success. So the column could have a single or multiple responses. If you scroll up, the OP posted a photo of their airtable that shows their multiple select options.

Oh that’s weird. I knew how it looks in Airtable, just that I thought it would have been brought over as an array column.

I asked in our expert Slack channel, will get back to you if I have any info.


Thanks so much!

To be clear, you don’t see Domain column at all when looking at the table in the glide data editor?

I have 2 columns with multiple select options and both do not show in Glide. I can see a column with a single select option.

But I still want to be clear. I can understand if you are trying to select it for a component and it’s not visible, but I first want to be sure that you also don’t see it in the data editor. I not very familiar with Airtable, so I want to be sure I understand what you are seeing.

I can’t see those multiple select fields in Glide. I can select that field as a Filter though.

So is it in the data editor? Can you show a screenshot of the table in the data editor? When you say that you can’t see it in glide, that’s kind of vague. Does that mean you can’t see it on the front end designer or you can’t see it in the table in glide’s data editor. Since you say that you can see it in the filter, that leads me to believe that it’s actually visible in the table, but as @ThinhDinh said, it’s probably an array column, which plays by a whole different set of rules compared to a single value column. It helps to understand what you are seeing so we aren’t going down the wrong path to see if there is a solution. A Joined List column can convert an array of multiple values into a single text value and there’s various other ways to properly work with arrays depending on what you want. Being able to actually change the multi select value via glide may be a different story though.


GlideApp Screenshot

OK, so the Type of Programs column is the multi select column you are trying to work with? That is definitely an array column and it is definitely coming into glide from airtable. Now that we’ve established that, what exactly do you want to do with the values? If it’s something as simple as displaying the values somewhere, a Joined List column will convert the array to a single value that can be used anywhere in glide that only accepts a single value. It sounds like you are attempting to place an array of multiple values into a component or component attribute that is only meant for single values. If you’re are trying to do something else, then you’ll have to let us know how exactly you intend to use those values within glide. Maybe some screenshots of your screen showing where and how you want to see those values.

I would like the values in the column displayed in the cards list as well as in the details view. Thanks for your help.

If you just want to display it, then add a Joined List column, point it to your array column, and then you will have a single value that you can use for your cards list and the detail screen. The default delimiter is a comma, but you can change it to anything you want, or simply a space character.

I’m new to Glide, so this will take me some time to understand and figure out. Is there a written resource I can reference? Also, do I do this in Glide or Airtable? If there are new entries in Airtable, will they automatically be converted to the joined list column?

You do it in Glide.

The images in the doc are bit out of date, but the concept hasn’t changed. Just add a new “Joined List” column in the Glide Data Editor, and point it at your array column. You can then use that joined list column in the UI where you wanted to use your array column.