AirTable database to Glide not transferring all info

Hi All,
I’m trying to create an app from an AirTable database and all of the information isn’t transferring… actually, some of the most important information because it needs to be filterable. Any advice here? I signed up for the Starter plan for this purpose. Thanks so much!

Can you specify what types of columns are not transferring over?

Sure! In AirTable, they’re considered “Multiple Choice” because the main thing about my database is that it’s filterable. So it’s about TV shows and films. I want people to be able to filter “Hulu”, “Netflix”, etc., so one of the columns is called, “Where To Watch”… none of that information is transferring over.

@Robert_Petitto might need your insight here. It looks like an “array column” is not transferring here. Do you have any ideas?

Ya…multiple choice fields in AT should come in as array columns in Glide.

Is that not what’s happening?

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Unless I’m missing something- no?

Do you see the data in the data editor? Are you trying to place an array of multiple values into a component that only accepts a single value? What exactly are you trying to do with that array of values?

Yes, that information does appear in the data editor (I believe)… it just doesn’t transfer to the app. I want to show those items so that people can filter them. I tried to drag and drop it into the app, but it didn’t work. I want people to be able to filter by Netflix or Series and come up with only certain shows/films.

Since it’s an array, you’ll need to convert it to a single value. You should be able to do that by creating a Joined List column and point it directly at that array column. That will give you a single delimited list of services that you can then use for filtering.

The problem is that you are trying to place an array of multiple values into a component that can only hold a single value, so you first need to convert it to a single value using the Joined List column in the data editor.

How exactly are you trying to filter your list of shows? That may determine if more (or something different) needs to be done to get the filter to work.

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If it works like a normal array column then she can just point the in-app filter (assuming she’s using this) to that array column.

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Didn’t know that worked with the in-app filter. Good to know.

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Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but I don’t want only one option in the app. I want there to be multiple choices. Would the “Joined List” column have to be in AirTable? That information is in a column in AirTable called, “Where To Watch.”

Maybe it would help to explain how you intend to use the values for filtering. I understand the purpose of which service a show is streaming on, but how do you intend to use the data? You mentioned that you want to use it for filtering, but you also appear to be trying to get it to display on the detail screen? How is it supposed to look? I could probably feed you a bunch of different answers for different situations, but it would help to have a better understanding of what you want to achieve and how you want it to work.



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If you haven’t already, you may want to first verify your data via the data editor. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s the first option at the top of the screen. Check for the columns on the appropriate table to see if you have the correct data.
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 9.54.49 PM

Oh dang, it looks like you’ve already done this! I see your screenshot now. It appears that I’m developing a bad habit of replying first and then reading everything…

Given your screen shot, would the user select and report/confirm/edit the streaming service on the show’s page, or is there another higher level page that the user would use a filter to select a service and then see all of the appropriate shows?

Join the club :rofl:


SO sorry for delay here! My full-time job has kept me pretty busy and this is my side project I’m looking to MAKE a job. So, the whole idea is that it’s a filterable database for womxn-led media. SO, the filtering is important. The user would go to the main page, filter say, “HULU” under the “Where To Watch” column, filter, “SERIES” under “Type”, and the ONLY projects that should come up for them are items under those filters. Does that make sense? I guess short answer is the second option :smile:

So you would want “Where To Watch” to be a filter and “Type” to be another filter? These 2 filters should co-exist?

This might be a worthwhile video to watch.

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