Syncing *from* Glide to Airtable (and/or request for GlideTable view filtering)

I’m testing a sizeable task management related app that requires a lot of human oversight (think personalized coaching). Our Glide-based task table has 100s of records in it and growing.

Unfortunately, the Glide table UI makes it difficult to analyze the entries–for example if I just want to filter and see all the tasks for just one user.

Are there any workarounds (other than regular manual CSV exports) for syncing a glide table to Airtable (not the other way around)?

Otherwise, I would love to see some basic filter and sort functionality for Glide tables (*just for viewing)!

You could always connect Airtable to your app and use that as your data source.

Otherwise, I would probably recommend building your own filtering into your app so you can view everything inside of the app instead of externally in Airtable or somewhere else.

Here are a few videos to check out.