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Hi Glide Community - I am loving Glide and built a few simple apps but have a client now and building on Airtable.

The collections are not filtering for simple parent -child records in Airtable in this case Topics - Classes. All classes are displayed and not filtering at all.

Is this just not supported yet and is there a work around. I can build this in 5 secs using glide tables.

Hey Kieran :wave:

When you say that you don’t have the filters, do you mean the same filters that you have in your airtable?

If so, those filters don’t appear inside the DataBase in Glide. You would have to create them yourself with some columns

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Hi there

No filtering just relationships

Just sanity checking you can just use relationship
In glide with air tables right ?

Yes, but I believe you will have to redo these relationships inside the glide as well.

Oh! Right is there a video somewhere (seems like it must be very common or are most people using flat tables ?

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Thanks for the help btw

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