Simple Airtable Parent-Child relations not working

Hi Glide Community - I am loving Glide and built a few simple apps but have a client now and building on Airtable.

The collections are not filtering for simple parent -child records in Airtable in this case Topics - Classes. All classes are displayed and not filtering at all.

Is this just not supported yet and is there a work around. I can build this in 5 secs using glide tables.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you attach some screenshots or a video of the problem? Thank you.

Showing the data linked

I can not filter the events (classes) by the programme (group of classes), but if I use the same data in a glide table it works wonderfully. Is Airtable not fully supported or am I doing something wrong?

Hey gliders has anyone got a tip for me please ?

It looks like you have a relation that you aren’t even using. What happens if your switch your collection to be sourced from the relation instead of the events table? If that doesn’t work, are you able to set a filter based on the Screen Value?