What am I missing? Filter linked records (Airtable) in collection

Hey there,

I’m using Airtable with Glide.

I’ve got a collection (Proposals) on a page and then added a linked record collection/component (Interaction) in the Proposal view.

I would think I could Filter it to match it’s linked Proposal, but it’s not an option. I’m obviously missing something important.

When I try filtering, the only options are ‘is empty’ or ‘is not empty’

What do I need to do? Appreciate any help!

It seems I can do a Screen match. I used Name in this instance. Is that the best way to match. Is there a way to match by Record ID?


Aren’t you able to use your Linked Record as the source of your Data Grid instead of the entire table and using a filter?

Airtable has some peculiarities, especially with a Linked Records, that I don’t fully understand. Normally I would create a normal glide relation and use that as a data source for a collection.


ah it was the This Item option! :woman_facepalming: Thank you for chiming in!


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