New, enthusiastic user struggling with filtering – Help!

A few hours ago, I registered on Glide, connected my Airtable account, and… it’s amazing. An app is taking off within hours!

However, I’m facing a challenge.

I have a database of COURSES, and another database of CALENDAR DATES. In Airtable, these two tables are linked, so that each course can have multiple calendar dates.

On Glide, I would like to click on my list of COURSES and see ONLY the CALENDAR DATES for THAT specific course.
I tried with SHOW NEW SCREEN on ITEM CLICK, but it opens all the calendar dates and doesn’t filter them for that particular course. Can’t see how to filter in that specific use.

I’m afraid I might be missing something simple, but I need help. And maybe go to sleep for some hours :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Glide! There are several methods to accomplish this set-up, but since you’ve already gotten so far, I’ll list out steps for the method that fits best with where you’ve already gotten things.

First, double check that your action on Courses is configured: “Show New Screen” > “This Item”.

When you click into the new screen for the Course, you should see a collection component on the left side of the screen. If not, you can add one.

Make sure the source of this new collection is for the “Calendar Dates”.

Then, on this collection, click over to “Options” (on right side of layout editor). Configure the Filter to display something like: “Course” is “This Screen > Course”.


Hi @MegannLock! Thank you for your kind reply.
However I am missing something.
This is the first screen where I setup the “show new screen” action.

Now if I clic on item, I get all the calendar dates (not only the selected course’s ones).
If i go to filter data, I only see those items and can’t setup a useful filter.

What I am doing wrong?
Thank you!!

Is there a reason you use “Show new screen” and not “Show details screen”?

I don’t know if the relation is already on the Glide side, and if not, you should create a relation between the two tables, and use that to source your collection. It’s likely you have pointed it to the whole table and that’s why you’re seeing everything.

Do you have a column to link between the two tables?


I used “Show new screen” following the suggestion of @MegannLock.
Howerver, with “Show details screen” nothing changes.
I have relations between tables, they are in airtable and then imported into glide.
I’m disheartened.

You’re on the right track! For the filter, select “calendario lookup titolo corso” IS “This Screen >” course title or whatever would yield a match.

Check out the Glide docs on Filtering!

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That’s great it works! Read everything, but point is that I was stuck in that passage.
Thank you.

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Happy to hear issue was solved!

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