Is there a way to create child records when using Airtable

I’m having trouble creating relations with airtable.

I have two tables, Contract and ContractItems

This is how i’ve set up Airtable.
I have populated Contracts and (in Airtable) and created a relation between Contracts and ContractItems. One contract can have many contractitems, but a contractitem can only have one contract.

Glide recognizes this relationship and shows the relationship in tables automatically when it imported the datasets, but I cannot figure out how to create those relations in Glide forms.

I cannot figure out how to add a ContractItem from the Contracts page. When using google sheets, I normally just drop a button with a “Form Action” and use column data to populate the ContractItem column’s ID. I can’t figure out how to do this with Airtable because Airtable has a relationship column, not an ID column to reference it’s parent.

Does anyone know how to do this?

@Robert_Petitto is this something you refer to as “linked records” in Airtable?

With Glide, I usually do this in 2 steps, creating the parent record first, then in the parent record’s details view, have a form to create child records. I usually link them by passing the parent record’s rowID to the child record’s row.

Yes, linked records, but Airtable doesn’t use IDs to link the records. The field is not a text box, it’s a relation.

Also, i can’t figure out how to link them in glide. The column which links the tables (in Airtable) is not available in Glide.

Correct. The number one issue with using Airtable as your base is that you can’t write to a link field. This means you can’t use Airtable as a relational database and instead you must use it like a normal spreadsheet. Until Glide can write to a link field, it’s really tedious to build workarounds.

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I have an app that I’m using for production management where users are pushing live updates as they complete different tasks of production.

Management wants reports of what’s been completed and how much has been completed in each step. Airtable does a great job of creating all the different data views which would work extremely well in this respect.

This stack would be amazing if they could implement the airtable relations in glide

Has this been resolved?