Following links in Airtable

I have a list of items in Airtable, and I’m displaying them successfully as a list in Glide. My question has to do with accessing data in linked records.

Here are two use cases I wonder how to implement in Glide:

  1. I have a list of events. They are showing in Glide as intended. Some of those events are linked to other records in another table. Those other records have an image. Can I access those other records and show those images in my list on Glide?

  2. I have a list of events. When you click one the action is “Show detail screen for this item.” Then you can see the detail screen for that item as intended. On that detail screen, I’m able to show the name of linked records. Can I direct the user to a detail screen of those records? So once you click into a detail screen, you could easily click through to the detail screen of another, linked record.

Thank you. Love Glide! And the community too. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about Airtable and linked records. My best interpretation is that they are a hybrid between a basic column and a relation column. If they in fact act as a relation in Glide, then you should be able to use a lookup column to retrieve values from a relation, but assuming that it may return an array, how well it works really depends on how you intend to display the images and where. You would need to provide more details to get a better answer.

Again, if the linked records act as a relation, you should be able to add a list/collection to your detail screen and set the source to the relation.

If neither of the above work, then you’ll need to create your own relation columns within glide. I’m not sure if you can directly use the linked records column in your relation, or if you need to use another column, or maybe something with a single value, or joined list, or split text, or some combination of those.

Again, it would help to know more about your data and how everything is supposed to link together.


Some more context for those not familiar with Airtable:

You can create a column that links to records in another table. You can even link to multiple records. When you do that, you are also given the option to create another column called a “lookup” column. This pulls text from the linked records and stores that text on the original table. I think this is done to improve performance.

So given your ideas, and what I just explained, it sounds like there isn’t actually a linked relation that I can traverse there easily. I might be wrong.

Curious if others have ideas.

I’m familiar with the concept of linked records in Airtable. I just don’t fully know how they interact with Glide. All I know is that they are a little different from a normal glide relation.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible, and it might be really easy. I just need more context on your data, and how your tables are linked together. Screenshots and/or videos can reveal a lot of detail regarding this. It might be as simple as using what you have, or you may just need to add a few glide columns to get it to work.


I’ve been using Glide and Airtable quite intensely over the last couple of weeks and have got quite far (also with Jeff’s help!)

The trick with this one is to set up a lookup field in your list of events table within Airtable. That column would then be visible in glide.

As for point 2 - am fairly sure that’s possible too with another detail screen and action but would need to try it myself to check.

One gotcha that got me - as you mention images - is that you can not have an image array in Glide (multiple images in one field) - like you can in Airtable.

You can always use a “make array” column in glide to pull together a few separate image fields from Airtable though. However - the next gotcha is, bizarrely, Glide Pages does not have an image carousel field - like Apps does.

Hope this helps