Help between airtable and glide

On my Airtable, I created a table “Vidéos” that you can see in the attachment.

My problem is that on Glide, I can’t retrieve the link corresponding to a video based on its name (for example, “Video Dv”). Can you help me?

Can expand on what you mean by this?

For each record, I have a unique URL associated with it and I would like to have the URL displayed in Glide when I select the corresponding record.

I would say that you need a Relation and Lookup column, but I would need more information about what you are trying to do to give you specifics.

On my Glide page, I have three links and I would like each of these links to correspond to a link located in one of the rows in Airtable. I am able to set a link based on a column but not a row.

Do you have screenshots or a video of the problem? This should be trivial, but I’m not following what your problem is, or what’s not working.

Have you understand now ?

I think what I would do is add a collection to the screen and set the source of that collection to the Video table. Then change the action on the collection to open the link instead of show details.

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