Can't find attachment link

Hi there,

First of, my data are stored in Airtable, but i’d like to utilize the storage link that glide uses for my attachments.

So i have a table for documents and files called “Files” where in my app i show a collection filtered to the specific users files only (by record id) and they can click in to the specific file(record) detailed view, which is great.

However, some files are not just images, they’re multiple page pdfs/dcouments, which the users need to be able to scroll through. So i’ve added an action that when clicked i want the button to open the link that relates to that file, but i cannot see that link in the selection. See my attached files for reference.

Looks like you are using a Multiple Files column, which returns an array of links (even if there is just a single file). To retrieve the first URL from the array, use a Single Value column.

Where do i change that? My data is in airtable.

In the Glide Files table.
Add a new column, select Single Value type, and target it at your File column.
Then reference that column in the layout instead of the File column.


Thanks! Really appreciate your help!

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