I can't pull documents url from Glide Tables

I am developing an application for clients to be able to keep up with their projects and I need them to constantly send me documents when I request the docs. Because of this, when a client uploads documents to a new transaction I need to see a link to the document or the document it’s self so I can download it on my end.

The issue is I have no way of grabbing the document URLs from the Glide Table.

I hope that makes sense.

URL’s are the only thing that is stored in the table. The actual file is stored elsewhere. Why do you say that you can’t access the url? What type of column are you using? How are you trying to display the url? Wouldn’t a Link component work in this case?

Thank you.

  1. Because when I copy and paste the link it produces an error/access deyned message.
  2. The column type is Mulitple Files
  3. Via Chrome Browser for testing purposes
  4. No because I need clients to upload files using a file picker. I need to be able to access wither the file or the url where the file is stored so I can download it on my end.

Is that an error when trying to open the url, or an error with the copy/paste?

So am I correct to assume that you are trying to open the url outside of a glide app? There may be some restrictions that a file must be accessed from an app. Not externally. But I’m not 100% sure on that. So I guess my question is why wouldn’t you want to just set up the app so you can display the links using a link component, and then click on the links directly in the app?

I will add that a link component combined with a multiple files column will dynamically display each individual link very nicely. Especially if multiple file were uploaded into the same column.


Thank you for this. Let me try it out right now and see if it works. :grinning:

Thank you very much. That solved that issue. Now the only issue I have is I need a way for myself and employees to grab those files. Do you know if there is a simple way to automatically add those uploaded files to Dropbox or Box in a folder for each client? As each client has their own folder.

That’s the bit where I’m somewhat confused. In the past I feel like I’ve seen rare cases where certain files or images were inaccessible outside of the app. However, I can’t reproduce that issue at the moment. In my case, I can copy a url and paste it in a browser, and it opens just fine, so I’m not sure why you are having an issue.

With that said, I think others have used third party integrations that will download the file, move it to a different storage, and then update the link in the Glide table. Something like Make or Zapier combined with the Glide API. Not sure if that last bit is possible with a multiple files column…at least not easily.

Would it be possible for you to upload a dummy file, grab the url, and share it here? Just curious if others would have the same issue accessing it externally.

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