Copy Paste, download images after uploading to glide sheets

Not sure if i’m missing something obvious here. I have an image column. I would like to copy paste down the row. It doesn’t let me.

I am also moving over data from one table to another. I can’t just duplicate it because there is a bug with airtable that screws up the table. Therefore i need to manually create a new glide table and input things manually. I’m unable to download the photos i’ve uploaded to the tables. Is there any way of getting them out? and can we confirm that there is no way of copy pasting them?

Make a Template column that just brings over the value from your Image column–you should see it as a URL.

Temporarily change your image column to a text column, then copy the now-visible link to the new column. It should work.

thanks for the answers guys.

Have 2 follow up questions that i put in a video:

-Can i have a picture column that displays a picture, but the link is pulled from another cell? i explain why in the video

-If i have people upload a photo and have it show in the designated column as a link instead of a photo (that way i can easily copy paste the links when needed), wouldn’t this cause an issue when i want to manually upload a photo in the backend? i can’t upload a photo to that column. I’d have to bring it to another picture column then turn it into a link then copy paste that link into my other column of links? any better way of doing this?

Just to be clear, tables don’t actually store the image. They only store the url to the image, whether it’s stored in Glide’s storage, Drive, Dropbox, etc. An image column type is nothing more than a fancy way of rendering the text of the url to a visible image. You could change the column type from text to image and from image to text. Regardless of the column type, it will still work the same in the app. You can upload images or type in urls.

As for manually uploading, you have a couple of options. If you set the column type to image, then you should have to option to upload through the data editor when you click on a cell. If the column type is text, but you are still displaying it as an image in the app builder, then you should be able drag and drop onto an image placeholder.

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