Changing column data types in Glide?

I’m building an app similar to the City Guide template and I’m having some issues with editing data types on the data editor to match the data content on my source sheet.

Right now, all my columns are text columns. However, I need an image column so my cover photos can be rendered appropriately in the app.

How do I edit column types either in Glide or in Sheets to accurately reflect the content?


Just delete the text component and add an image component. No need to try to figure out the column type. Glide takes care of that based on content. Any component can point to any column you want.

I’m a newb and I don’t know what you mean by delete the text component and add the image component.

I have a completely empty column on Glide that connects to a column in Sheets with images inserted in them. Not sure where the problem is between those two things.


Ok, you need urls for images. Not actual images places the the sheet cells.

Ah, okay. That would explain it. I’ll try dropping them in Dropbox and grab the public URLs.