🆕 Change type of basic column

You can now change the type of basic column in the data editor. This is really useful if for some reason the data editor hasn’t picked up your type or if you change your mind after adding a new column.

Of course, different types of columns have different settings – e.g. with the image column, you can upload or browse Unsplash images and date/number columns have really useful formatting options. So this is worth playing around with if you haven’t already.


Is it gonna validate the entry of the user input ?@JackVaughan

You’ll need to do this with components. I.e. number component for numbers etc.

Is that what you mean?

What I mean is to add component and it doesn’t allow any text other than email to be able to avoid typos and errored mail entrys

Like this? This validation is done by the component. The type of basic column doesn’t affect this.


Yes! I have old columns that have always been stuck as text. Now I can fix them without recreating them!


This just solved a problem that I had with my wife’s app. Thanks a lot!

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Ey @JackVaughan

I have an issue with a Glide column I can’t delete… no option.

Look at the capture. Thanks!

You can’t delete sheet columns from within glide. You can only do that with glide only columns. You have to delete it in the Google sheet itself.

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Sure! As I said it’s a Glide only column…that’s why it’s a issue I guess…

So that column doesn’t exist in your sheet? It doesn’t look like a user specific column or any of the other glide only column types.

A non-user specific basic column created in glide will create the column in the sheet.

If you create a new basic column in the data editor - it will create one in your sheet. At the moment, you can’t delete google sheets columns from the data editor.

However, you can delete Glide Computed columns in the data editor.

The column you show there must be in your sheet - or if not there’s something weird going on.


Ok. You’re right… I found it in the Google sheet. Silly me! :grimacing:


The order of columns in the data editor & google sheets is independent. Easy to miss when they have a different order!


Oh yes we know … unfortunately :slight_smile:

Yes @JackVaughan thanks for this

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:clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4:
Hallelujah! Text > Image column is going to be such a time saver!


Yes! This will help a lot! :clap:t3: Thanks guys

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I must have used this a dozen times just last night when attempting to relate numbers to strings to dates.


Thanks again for this feature. Just like @Robert_Petitto. I’ve used it multiple times as well.

Our mistakes are simply pardoned by Glideapps data editor in a single click now. Punishment of going to sheets and deleting the wrong kind of column and recreating the right kind of column is totally skipped :smiley:

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