Image column

Anyone else having trouble choosing an Image (within Glide). I have signed out. Closed the tab. Deleted columns. Deleted the sheet. And then created new. Nothing works. The column recognizes it is an image, but when I double click to choose an image, the cursor blinks…almost like it is recognizing it as a text value.


Do you have a row to update, or are you trying to add an image to a brand new row?

What’s the difference between the your two screenshots? The first one appears to have a separate Image Head column as well as a complete Image array column created from multiple image columns. Your second screenshot contain separate Image columns because it’s not a complete array.

Which column are you trying to update? I haven’t noticed any issues updating images this way, but you can also convert it to a text column and insert the url manually if you have one.


It happens to me also, but i simply forgot it because in the app shows the correct images when you display them in a list or something

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They are two sep and not related sheet views. Both sheets are “performing” the same way. I can choose “image” column but I can’t upload images. I can try the link, but I thought I read that it wasn’t an ideal situation.

If you put them as image column and you write de link into the google sheets, perhaps Glide does not show the preview (i don’t know why these days it’s not working correctly) the app will read that image link from your google sheets and shows them in the app (not in the glide table).

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work for you. I just verified that it seems fine for me. When I click on a cell twice, it open up to upload box. Which Browser/OS are you using?

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Going back to what Jeff said here, do you actually have a row with value in other columns in the sheet that is failing to show the upload option? You must have a non-empty row first.

Hi, Sorry I guess I was only allowed so many replies since I am new. Yes, other sheets (cells within) are working properly. And I do have rows with values. I did not try the EMPTY row before. I can try that.

Can you record the bug behaviour via Loom and share a link here? Thank you.