Glide can not read image in cells column from Google Sheets

I have a column where I put my images of the products

However, it doesn’t show on my Glide editor, in other words, Glide isn’t reading the column.

If I directly insert the photos into the column, it works but it only appears as a link on my google sheets.

How can I see the image in both Glide and Google Sheets?

Are you using an image function there? You should provide the URL.

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Yes, I was using img function, my point is that I want it to appear as image in both location. Probably I must have 2 columns, 1 with the image itself, the other with the URL

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In that case i think that yes because Glide is working better when reading a URL for the images.

Yeah this should be the way. Also, try storing all images in Glide whenever you can.

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