Can I place an image in a fields list?

I have a table that contains only numbers, Within Glide, I want to display the numbers as images so 1 becomes

If I reference the field containing the image, nothing appears. If I convert it to a URL where the image is stored, I just get the URL as text. The fields lists are derived from breadcrumbs so I don’t know if there’s another component I can use?

Is your image column configured as an image column?

My data source is a google sheet so I guess not. Do I need to add an image column within Glide itself?

In the Glide Data Editor, when you look at the image column, is it configured as an image column? Doesn’t matter if it’s a google sheet or some other data source.

It wasn’t but I have changed it now. Within the google sheet, I had added an image by inserting from the google library but it doesn’t show up in the glide back end. Do I need to refer to a URL instead?

Yes, ultimately it will need to be a url to the image. An image column in Glide will show the image, but it’s still just a url underneath. Images are not stored directly in the data table. It’s stored elsewhere and gets rendered through the url.

I tried that but the data is in a fields list.
When I select the image field, only the URL is displayed. Not the actual image.

It worked when I tried it earlier, so I’m sure it’s possible.

This is a Fields component in both mobile view and desktop view.


Show me screenshots of your data in the Glide Data Editor and the configuration for the Fields component.

Thanks for that. I’ll need to send it tomorrow. Finished staring at the screen for today. :slight_smile:

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Got that working. Thanks for the help.

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Hit a slight problem. I am using a if-then-else field to alter the URL depending on the number entered.That field only prints the URL in the field and not the image. I presume that’s because an if-then-else doesn’t support images?

Yeah, I don’t think there is any way around that. The Fields component is specifically looking for a column type of Image, to know if it should attempt to render an image instead of text.

Maybe you can leverage the fact you’re on a Google Sheet to do the logic in a column inside the Sheets with an arrayformula/byrow setup, then configure that new column as an image column in Glide.


Managed to sort it. Used an IFS in google sheets to point to a URL in the AWS S3 bucket. That URL populates the glide tables with an image. :+1:


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