How to find image url?

We have completed transition from AirTable to Glide tables for our app.
The app contains a lot of images.
In Airtable, each image was stored as a url to the server.
In Glide tables, the image is displayed as an image file in the Glide table.
How do I locate the url of the image in Glide tables?

Use case:
The ‘Generate Image’ integration from OpenAi generates an image per a prompt and displays it in image component.
I want people to be able to download the image.
My thinking is that I could have a simple ‘download’ link tied to an Action…but that requires knowledge of the image url.

Does anyone see an easier way to enable users to download an image?

Images are stored as URLs in the Glide Data Editor, but rendered as images if the column type is set to Image. If you change the column type to Text, you will see this.

Add a template column, and use the Image as a replacement.

Actually, it doesn’t. You can do it exactly as you describe and it will work. Just point the Open Link Action at the Image column.

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Much obliged, thank you

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