Download user uploaded photos?

hi there!
is there a way for admin to download user uploaded photos?
in my case, on my travel app, users can upload pictures that we will then post on our Social Media channels.
How do I get access to the pictures that users added via the app?

thank you!

All the URLs are in your table. If you have an image type column, it’s still just a url stored in the column. The actual image is stored in Glide’s storage. If you change the column type to text, you will see the url. You can also use a text component to show the url of an image column. A button with a share action or copy to clipboard action would also give you the url.

So, you have all the URLs since they are stored in your data.


Yes, and the good news is you don’t have to change the column type to text to retrieve the URL. Just click on the image you want, and hit control-c and it will copy the URL to the clipboard.


If you double-click on an image, it shows you a larger version so you can see if that is really the image you want,


It will only copy the URL when it is small, though.

This is what I got: “”


Good tip! Didn’t know you could copy the URL from an image column like that.

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Slightly deviated. Is there a way to get the image data, for example the size of the image.

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