How to upload an image using google photos?

I have spent so much time watching videos on how to upload images and still can not get it to work. I’ve read through the forum. I’ve spent two hours trying to copy and past urls. I just can’t seem to figure this piece out. Can someone please create a simple step by step tutorial on how do this? I’ve gone into the individual listings and pasted the url and still can not get it to work. It’s not reading google photos. I’ve checked my settings in that as well. Any help would be great! Thank you.

Hi @Georgia_Peach welcome to the community.

Just checking the basics with you first

So below is an extract from the glide documentation, have you seen and read this?

The easiest way to host images is by uploading to Glide. You can upload images in an Image Column in the Data Editor, or you can drag images onto list items.

External hosting

We reccomend hosting your images with Glide. However, if your app only uses a few images (10 - 20) you can use an external service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Imgur. All you need is a shareable link to your online image that is public, so anyone can view it with the link.

Two of the easiest ways to host your own files online are with Google Drive & Dropbox.

  • In Google drive, upload an image, right-click on it, then click Get sharable link and make sure that Anyone with the link can view.

  • In Dropbox, upload an image, click share file, make sure the link settings are set to Anyone with the link can view and then copy the link.

Now you can connect the column with your image links to the Image property in Glide.

The full link to the page is here.


Yes I have tried adding it to a data column and made that column an “image” column and the links only show up as links and not the photo. I’m confused about google drive. I thought they are no longer storing photos on there and moved those over to google photos? Thank you for helping me figure this out.

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You need to change the display in the glide app to image rather than text.


how do I change the display to image? Can you explain step by step? I’ve literally watched the image tutorial 5 times and can’t seem to figure it out.

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Sorry just seeing the tutorial you posted.

So the “image url” is stored in your google sheet.

In order to show the “image url” as an image you need to display it in an image component else glide will just think you want to display the “image url” as text

See also

I’m getting blank image boxes. I added the url from google photos to the google spreadsheet. I’m sure I’m just overseeing something simple.

Can you do some screen shots of your sheet and the way you have set it up in glide and post them so we can see what you are doing? That might be helpful.

You could always upload your images into glide

Okay I’ll try that!

So I’m not able to copy and past into the new column. It only allows me to upload or use a photo from unsplash. I set this column to image. Do I need to change it to “link?”

Are you trying to copy the image or the url for the image into the column? The type of column shouldn’t really matter that much, but an image type would make the most sense.

Are you sure that the url is a public url? Can you share one of the url’s here so we can see if it’s a public image or not?

I’m trying to copy the url.

that URL gets a 404 for me…

Link =

Why don’t you just download the image to your computer and then upload it?

With reliance on external urls you are always in danger of losing connection to that image if it is deleted or the url is changed

So when I right click on the photo in google photos, I clicked on ‘copy link address.’ Here let me try this url

Uploading from the desktop works so I’ll just go with that. Thank you for your help.

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Your welcome, makes sense to upload to glide.

Just keep playing with glide and it will soon make sense.

All about learning and trying things out.

I would guess that google photos doesn’t give you a direct url to the image. Instead it’s a url to their page, which happens to contain the image. It’s much different compared to google drive or dropbox for example, which give you a direct link to the image file. In the end, uploading directly to Glide is the better option.


What type of file do use in google drive to host your google photos? I’m just going to download pictures from my google photos onto my desktop and upload them that way. Seems to be working. Like the idea of using google drive though.