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I have a google form that allowed users to upload a copy of their logo and then in google sheets it creates the url link to the google drive location, but I’m thinking this may not be the best option. So I was wondering if a user or myself can upload the photo to their entry? If so, how/where can I upload the photo or the best way to do something like this.
Plus it seemed to be a slow load of those entries that had images attached.

Brief concept: building an online directory for users and it will show their photo.

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You would be best to upload the image to glide using the image picker. No need to use a google form.

Worth mentioning - it’s not the best option to use google drive for your images.


Oh, thanks so much! I will try this option.

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Happy to help….much better to use glide for uploading and hosting images, throw away your google forms :wink:


i think I am still stuck. So, I see how I can use the image picker to upload the image, but how do I get to show on my main page. Example, I am building a directory and people shared their logos, so when someone searches for them, their business and logo show up on the main screen, like a profile pic. I wouldn’t want just anyone to have access to upload the pics. That would be on the admin side (in my thoughts).

You can use an inline list to display the data.

The documentation is worth reading for controlling who can do what

Glide have some useful videos on their YouTube channel. These are definitely worth exploring if your new to using glide.

Check out this template too

Or this one


You’re the best!! Thank you so much!!

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How its possible to use external service like google drive to store image from image picker???


It’s best practice to upload and host your images on glide rather than Google Drive using the ‘image picker’

Here is a link to the document

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i’m talking about image picker module not image module :upside_down_face:

The image picker component only lets you upload images from your device, not “storing from Google Drive”.

Generally, Google Drive is not recommended as a solution to store images/videos then display them in Glide. You might run into a lot of trouble with that set up.