Need tips on moving photos from Google drive to Glide storage

I decided it’s best for me to have clients use a google form over the native form in Glide. I want to approve the entries before they are listed in my directory app. Clients can upload up to 3 photos. However, they go to my Google drive account and they wont show up in the app. Is there an easy way to batch upload images from Google drive to Glide? Thanks!

Hi @Ms_Mere,

Something similar came up in conversation with @Jeff_Hager a few days ago.


@Ms_Mere if the suggestion provided by @nathanaelb isn’t what you want then pls supply a bit more info what you are trying to achieve. You could make the users upload directly to glide but without showing the images before they are approved. Do you really want to upload the images to glide or will you prefer to just have an url to the images in google drive (or somewhere else). How is your data structure in which the images are saved.


Hi @Krivo. This may be what I need to do. [quote=“Krivo, post:3, topic:11686”]
You could make the users upload directly to glide but without showing the images before they are approved.

I moved to a Google form because I didn’t realize I had the ability to hide the submissions using the Glide form until they are approved. Can you tell me how I go about doing this? I can post a link to my app, if that helps.

Thanks, @nathanaelb. I’m new to this, being my 1st app. I’m not sure I follow how this would work. I want clients to be able to upload their images, but it saves to drive from the form. I have ~30 images hosted on my drive right now. I did make them public so they are visible in the app now. I just realized they were private. However, I don’t want those files taking up all my Gdrive space. It would be nice if I could convert the image files to Glide storage files. I dont understand the process as outlined above though.

@Ms_Mere I created a small demo app. Here it is possible for the user to upload images (tab = add images). The images are set to Approved=false in the Image sheet in Google sheet. When you approved the image (in Google Sheet) then the image will be shown on the Approved images tab in Glide. This is due to the visibility option set on the inline list. All uploaded images are also shown - for illustration purposes - in the tab All Images uploaded


I hope it makes sense.


Thanks so much @Krivo. It does make sense. I’m going to play around with it this evening.