Downloading to hosting of images

Hi - I just signed up for Shutterstock to get a few images and they want me to download the image. No link address from what I can tell. To date I have been doing “copy image address” from free stock image sites for all my photos.

How can I get the image into the Google sheet? I assume I have to host it somewhere. I would love to “download” to Google Drive but my computer’s drive is synced to my personal not work account. Should I use dropbox? Is there a service for this?

You can download the image and drag/drop onto the google drive website directly, or probably any other hosting provider you choose. Just log into the sure with the account you want to use and drag/drop. You can also drag directly into a glide image component and it will upload to Glide’s firebase hosting.

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Okay I have the photos downloaded into dropbox and then uploaded into Google Drive and Google photos but I still can’t figure out how to make the photos public so that when the link is in a google sheet Glide pulls it in. I’m getting the grey blank photo in Glide.

It works!!

So you have it working? Are they in Google photos or Google drive. They are very much separate, but share the same storage space. You should be able to right click on the file if it’s in drive and get a share link. In not sure about sharing from Google photos.

I think they got moved to firebase because I did the drag and drop method that David showed from the desktop. I would love to have them hosted myself though because now I feel like Glide owns them. I am planning to dupe the app in a website… I guess I will figure it out then.

Separately - can I do the same thing @david with a GIF? I might want to do short GIFs of teasers for the titles where possible - and then I could have some of the top components be photos and some be GIFs.

Yep, you can do the same with a gif.

We don’t own your images when you host them through us.

Just be careful with Google Drive/Dropbox hosting — these services are not intended to be used in this way. You can create your own Firebase project and host your own images there if you’d like (for free).

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@david can you elaborate a bit on this

I’m using google drive for my photos but that is not a good idea?

Hey @david - the drag and drop method works well (most of the time) when there is a little grey spot for the photo to land. But when there isn’t a place for the photo to drag to, it just opens up a new web page just of the image.

I am having some troubles with images today. Some of my drag and drop was working and some was not. It was replacing the names of other columns with the hosted image address after drop (I think I got that fixed). And then randomly I lost my header image and cannot figure out how to get it working again… I have nowhere to drag and drop it to and making it shareable via google drive is not working. I tested hosting on Imgur and the image didn’t come through. I am now trying to learn Firebase but it’s a bit technical. Any other tips/ideas on how to organize and store images without dragging into the Glide firebase?

These are the options in Imgur. I picked Share Link. It is not pulling it into Glide.

Put .png on the end of the URL.

We will add image uploading in the Data Editor soon as well.