Google sheets images not importing

Have linked a google sheet with glide that contains images but no images are visible in the table in Glide.
Please assist.

Screenshots of your Google Sheets workbook, and your data in Glide Data Editor?

You will have to add links to the images, and not the images themselves to the google sheets.
Also, use one column per image, with column names Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, and so on.

I have already added the image links you will see there is a column called image link and a column called image. Still can’t get the image link to upload as an image in Glide

Struggling to make the image visible from the image URL link in the data sheet

Image columns in google sheets won’t show anything in glide. I see you have an Image Link column. That’s all you need. That link will work anywhere in your app that displays images.

You can also change the column type of your Images Link column to an image type if you want to see the image in the table, but it’s not required.

Also, since you are using Google Drive, there is a very good chance that your images are not set to public.


Hi Debra,

I noticed the 2 first rows of your Google Sheet contain column headers (column title). I think you should avoid that: make sure only the 1st row contains the column titles.

If you wish to group columns, either in Google Sheets or the Glide Data Editor, do GroupName/Column1, GroupName/Column2, … and so on. This will group columns in the data editor.

Real Stories/Image
Real Stories/Name
Real Stories/Weight lost


Adding to what Jeff said, Google Drive is not recommended as a way to store image links in Glide. The most reliable way to do it is using the image picker component/the “modal” image uploader in the image column of Glide to upload images and get a Glide storage URL.

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