Convert images in google sheet cells into links

Hi, so I have received a list of products with images but the images are uploaded as it is into a cell, and not as a link as shown in the screenshot.

Is there any quick way to convert all these images into a link so it can be displayed on my app? It has over 3000 images.

Ya…There’s no great way to do this. Here’s what I’ve been able to do in the past for a small number of images:

Not really practical for 3000 images though.

Thanks for the quick response man. Absolutely not ideal for 3000+ pictures :smile:. Let me find some other way.

Really appreciate you making a LOOM for this.

Edited - I misunderstood and thought they were in a glide table. Looks like in a Google sheet. hmmmm…

Below works to get the links from photos uploaded to Glide tables.

@Hassan_Nadeem here is an easy way to do it - export the glide sheet to a csv file. You can just select the key field and the image field. Then open the csv file in excel. You will have a list of all the links. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just curious - what does Glide see these as? I mean - how do they appear in the Glide Data Editor?

Edit: Sorry just saw your edited reply :smile:

Hi @kabookie , thanks for your reply.

  1. Images are hosted on Google sheets, not Glide tables.
  2. I did try to download the sheet as CSV file but it didn’t display images.
  3. I downloaded it as Excel file and tried to upload it Glide but the file size (50 MB) exceeded the limit (5 MB)

Nothing. Just blank columns