Firebase links not being recognized by other apps once in sheets

Hi, When users upload their own photos to my app it saves in the google sheet as a firebase link which I would assume is a JSON URL similar to the one followed.

" "

The problem is this other app only can only read image files and is attempting to pull from that same cell. How can I convert, format, or import these into the google sheet properly?

Hi @Mighty,

The File Picker component will auto-convert all files submitted, which, if PDFs or Word Documents, can be downloaded by users via components with link features. Can you give more details as to what you want to provide your users? I’m happy to assist you and explore potential work-arounds, etc.

Many thanks!


Thanks @iamtomgray .

The file picker is what I need because the information is updating a database.
That database is also used however to serve another application that I use (Manychat) that displays those same images to customers in other areas.

My goal is that once that Image is in the google sheet, it is compatible with other platforms as well.
And this process would need to be automated.

The only thing I can think of is perhaps

  1. A google script that fires on edit to maybe save that link to the drive then replace it when a file.

or ideally,

  1. create an excel formula…if there was a way that I can get the file location from Glide either by recreating an appropriate URL.

Both of these I feel are a bit much for a few photos but any additional suggestions are appreciated.

Hi @Mighty,

Thanks for the clarification. So, I think Zapier might work as a solution: You could look to create an “If This, Then That” formula to download and re-upload or convert files from a URL, etc. Experts @mattbrowning, @Robert_Petitto and @MegannLock are wizzes on the formula front and might be able to assist here?

Many thanks!


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Hey Tom IF ANDs ORs and Zapier I’m all proficient in. I was trying to avoid zapier so that my clients will not have to use the platform or I wouldn’t have to sign them up within my own account as an extra step.

If there is a such formula that does existing it would definitely help.

I could also run a script within other app I’m using if there was an open API somewhere that provided the ability to get a file from a Json.

Does it have to be that specific column that ManyChats uses? If not, create a second column and use this formula in B1 (assuming B1 is empty and A1:A houses your images):


@Robert_Petitto Resolved. Amazing. Thank you so much!