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Hi there
I have a document in Google Drive. I shared (anyone with the link can view). Copied and pasted into my App’s spreadsheet under the column called Newsletter (2 columns Date & Newsletter).
I used the File Picker option in my App, but it displays as the long URL. Is there a way to display other than the long URL which looks unprofessional.

Thank you, Jeanette

Hi Jeanette,

You can have look at the discussion here, which uses Bitly or Tinyurl.

I’m confused. Did you manually fill in the column in the sheet or use the file picker to upload it? Are you using the file picker to display the link??? You could use a button with an open link action, which would look better. Or a link component set to display the page title of the document.

Thanks Jeff

I actually continued playing and got to the button option.
From your reply though, can I upload a PDF eg from anywhere?
I thought it had to be in my google Drive and therefore I had to create a shared link for the spreadsheet.
Great if I can upload from anywhere :slight_smile:
Although happy with the button option.

Thanks for your help, Jeanette

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The image and file pickers are used to upload images and files from any device. They will be stored through Glide instead of your Google drive. Once uploaded, a url to the file is stored in the sheet.

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Thank you! I knew about that method for images but not documents.
Fantastic, love playing with Glide it’s so addictive!