How to make download button

I have a file in google drive. I want to make a button for download, when press it should download the file. Any suggestion or help how it will work.

in Glide??? from Google Drive???


you can’t access google drive from outside your account…
you can save links to your drive items in google sheets… and get them from there

any other way so that user can download file?

use file picker component if you have files on your computer

yes i have file on my computer, i tried it before but its not showing process has it upload the file or not?. Its 14MB, no process bar seen when uploading the file from my computer (file picker)

Do you have still available file storage for that upload in Glide? you have only 100MB in a free app) What kind of file? maybe the format is not supported…

That’s weird. Can you reproduce that behaviour in a video?