I want to automatically download a file onto Google Drive that has been uploaded to Glide

I’ve been trying to build a flow for;

User uploads a file to Glide > File is downloaded to Google Drive

I’ve tried a few tools like Zapier and Make to build out a flow that ‘nearly’ worked but I couldn’t get the file transfer, just data related to the file.

I’m a bit at a loss with this but would love some help.


Should be fairly straight forward:

  • User Uploads File
  • Trigger Webhook or Call API to make, sending the Glide generated URL
  • Use HTTP module to fetch the file
  • Use GDrive module to write the file to Google Drive

Where exactly did you get stuck when you tried?

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Ah - Ok cool.

I’d created the webhook and then GDrive module but add a module to fetch it with the HTTP module.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

I’ve managed to setup the flow but nothing is being passed through. I can see the webhook params have been added but when I select them it doesn’t show in either the email or add anything to GDrive

Is it possible that the webhook is being triggered before the file is finished uploading?

Try adding a Wait for Condition to your action sequence before the Trigger Webhook, and make the condition “column is not empty”, where “column” is the column that the file is being added to.

I don’t know if you’re using a native form or custom form, but if you’re using a custom form with a user specific column, you’ll need to ensure the column is cleared when your form is opened.

Can you record a test run of this flow?