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I have created an app where users can upload a file through a file picker, but I have struggled to download that file from my app. Any help please

Hey !

What do you mean, download files ? Do you want your users to download files uploaded in the app, or you want to be able to download what your users posted (as an admin) ?

I have an app with similar functionality. Instead of allowing a user to download the file through the app, I use Zapier to send them an email with the download link.

Either way, I don’t think the native Glide-generated link would allow a download. I haven’t had the same use case but wonder how other people do this? Do they upload the file to another external service upon request and then send the newly generated link to the user?

The users will have to upload the file in word or PDF, where it will be downloaded by other users.

What are you struggling with? Once the file is uploaded, you have the link to it, which you could link to a button or some other component to then open/download it. It’s it an open vs download issue, or something else?

You can create a Zapier/Integromat action so that whenever a new link is added to your sheet, you can send your users the link from your drive

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it is just the download issue. I will try to use the link that you mentioned.

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Hello Jeff, I have the same issue… I dont need to open the link, I need to directly download the file through a button (I’m in Glide Pages)
Could you resolved this issue?

You can try something like this. You’ll probably have to use a template column to build out the a href link and then display it with a rich text component.

How to force a file to download instead of open in the browser using only HTML | Go Make Things.

Otherwise, it’s usually a server setting that controls if a file is opened vs being downloaded, so in some cases we may not have control over that.

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Hi guys and thanks for the suggestions. I have the exact same problem but nothing works.
The problem seems to be that the link to the file is not available to be put somewhere else. Workarounds like relations / lookups or template columns also don’t work.

Is there a restriction regarding the plan or is it simply not in glide’s interest to enable users to view / download files?

If I’m wrong and it is possible, how should I do it without being able to fetch the download / view link anywhere?

Okay, I’ve just found the issue.

  1. I selected the wrong format for the file in the database.
  2. Instead of “Text”, I’ve selected “Multiple Files” as column format. Now that I’ve selected text, I can fetch the data from the table and use it to face to a user.
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