Download File Action, Drag & Drop Files

One of our apps holds specification pdf documents. The option to download on click rather than open url in the browser and then download would be a real time saver.

Even better the ability to drag and drop the file would be amazing.
Example use case. Drag file from glide app onto an open email to send the file to a customer.

Currently we’re using Dropbox but would like to utilise glide or somehow connect the two. Using Dropbox as the datasource would be ideal. Is this achievable with the new Call API?

I agree with this. If there were a way to just click on an image or a link and download it or at least view it, that would be a game changer

We found a work around if your just looking to download.
We use a template column to add dl=1 to links. This is then the link to display PDF’s as images and trigger a download when clicked. Works for Dropbox links, havent tested it on anything else.

dl=1 for download
raw=1 to open the pdf in a webview

Hope this helps.

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