Bulk download media from glide (airtable)

Good afternoon,

I am creating a glide app which allows each person to upload a music file which is stored in an airtable. Is there a way to bulk down-load the music files, or does one have to download each file individually?


Might be able to run some sort of make scenario that

  1. sends a CSV list of music URLS via a webhook
  2. Iterates an HTTP module to convert those into files
  3. Add the files to a zip file
  4. Sends the zip file via email

This is all speculation.

Thanks for that … but music files will be a couple of Gb, thus not quite mailable! I do like your point 1 & 2 though …

It has to be a ZIP file in order to download it in one go, I guess. I assume you’re allowing a user to choose which files to download, so Robert’s suggestion is the cleanest way in my opinion.

There’s also a JS way (not straightforward for Glide, I imagine), to handle a click event and tell the browser to open multiple links in a row. That discussion is covered here.